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New Muslim Support

  • Get answers and support

  • Join a group of New Muslims with similar concerns.

  • Learn your faith and find a faith-partner to support you on your journey

At Tawasaw we do our best to provide information about Islam and facilitate education for people interested in learning about the faith. We also facilitate Shahada (Proclamation of Faith) to help anyone become Muslim with follow up support, resources, and help in every possible way.

What we can do

  •  How to become a Muslim and facilitating Shahada

  • Social services - How to tell your family, friends, and co-workers

  • Community connections and networking

  • Mentorship & Resources

  •  Welcome gift – Prayer rug, Quran, books, tasbih, perfumes, etc.

  •  Post-Shahada Education

  • Emotional Support & Spiritual Counseling

  • Question/Answer

tawasaw geo pattern.png

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