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Tawasaw Muslim young voices class


What is the Muslim Young voices class? 

The Muslim young voices class offers a platform for youth to come together and learn their faith, identity, and heritage through learning the art and science of speech and debate. We offer classes that cover various types of oratory skills. This particular class will be about the foundation of public speaking and reducing stage fright.  


Our course starts with giving the Islamic knowledge through student-centered learning model. The notes students take from the first few classes enable them to write their speeches later on. The second stage will focus on the science of speaking and delivery. This class is not a writing class, it focuses more on speaking than writing.

This class will help the youth develop their original speech style while conforming to the parameters of public speaking science. Public speaking and debates are essential skills for high school and college students as well as those who are actively pursuing a job or internship.

What we aim to achieve

At our current state and sociopolitical environment, Muslim students, in particular, face hard challenges due to the misleading perception about Muslims and Islam.  Training in public speaking and debate will help our youth develop a strong identity, build their confidence, self-esteem, and self-image. 

Eventually, our class will remove the fear of speaking in public from youth and inspire them to embrace speaking and even enjoy such challenges.

We will teach them critical thinking and analysis skills needed for reading, speech, and debate.  They will become articulate communicators.

This matters in a world were Islam and Muslims are misunderstood, misrepresented, and under attack.  Not only it gives them the power to defend, but most importantly, it saves them and protects them from doubting or growing away from their dean.

Class program

  • Class Duration: 10 weeks.

  • Classes are summoned once a week on Friday between 5:30 and 7:00 pm

  • Duration per session: 1:30 with 15 minutes intervals before and after the class

How will your center benefit?

Your center will reap the benefits of facilitating such an event and graduating such caliber of young Muslims speakers.

  • Your center members will benefit from your center facilities as it will include plenty of rooms and space to separate youth based on ages as well as space for workshops within each age group.

  • Your center youth already come for various activities, we look forward to complementing these activities with our unique program.

  • Your center youth already feel comfortable and safe in their own skin, which will make them creative.

Equipment and supplies required

  • Quran books with English translations

  • Seerah and hadith books with English translations

  • Boards, notebooks, pens, pencils, laptops, and craft supplies

Scope of work

Promotion and marketing for the class to be executed by both parties, Tawasw & your center, via newsletters, website, announcements and more as needed.

  • Tawasaw will create a registration page and will share all info with your center, Or vice versa

  • Tawasaw will set up the rooms needed for class with the help of your center volunteers 

  • Tawasaw will solely manage the classroom and the way it runs

How much will it cost?

  • Tawasaw requires a minimum of fifty (50) registrants to commence the Muslim young voices class

  • The promotional registration fee is $ 100 per student.  In doing so, Your center will have zero out-of-pocket expenses

  • Tawasaw will share returns of any additional registrants over fifty

Class summary

  • Event Title: Young Muslim Voices

  • Target group(s): Middle school and high school

  • Supervised by: Shaykh Alauddin Elbakri

  • Taught by: Multidisciplinary Islamic and academic teachers

  • Partner organization: Your center

  • Start date and venue: To be agreed on by Tawasaw and your center

  • Class Fee:  Starting from $100 for 10 classes

Transform your community

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