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Alkhawarizmi Coding

Alkhawarizmi Coding is a part of Tawasaw's new inniative to bring technological education to Muslim youth.  We have an ever changing society that benefits from technology more and more everyday. Tawasaw's vision is to inspire today's youth to learn about how their technological world works and how they can also one day make an impact with it.

He introduced the world to Hindu-Arabic numerals and wrote a book on Algebra.  Did you ever notice that "Algebra" sounds like arabic?  That's because it is! He was born in Baghdad in 780 and lived until 850.  

Encyclopedia Britannica describes Algebra as:

"Algebra is a compilation of rules, together with demonstrations, for finding solutions of linear and quadratic equations based on intuitive geometric arguments, rather than the abstract notation now associated with the subject." 

Who was Alkhawarizmi?

Build robots, watch them move and spin at your command!


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