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Patient Support Counseling

  • Spiritual support

  • Request a visitation and/or dua recitation

  • Patient Support Group (If applicable)

If you or someone in your family got diagnosed with cancer or a major illness, we are here to provide spiritual support for you. The Tawasaw Patient Support team understands the heavy emotional toll that major illness can have on a family and we approach the subject with respectful sensitivity and heartfelt compassion. 


Whenever we have the opportunity to visit the patient in person, we recite authentic dua from the Quran and hadith. We also perform ruqya by their side.

Patient Support for:

  • Children with Cancer or major diseases

  • Elderly with Cancer or major diseases

  • Patients in critical condition or life support

  • Individuals who have just been diagnosed with a life changing illness

Our Specialist:  Chaplin Taqwa Rani

​ Originally from Indonesia, Taqwa has been a Bay Area resident since 1998. She started visiting and providing spiritual care to patients since 2004. Currently Taqwa serves as Cancer Care Chaplain at Stanford Health Care, supporting Oncology, Hematology and Blood Marrow Transplant (BMT) patients and their families.  Taqwa has a master’s degree in Islamic Studies from GTU in Berkeley, and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. Taqwa is passionate about End-of-Life care and Palliative Medicine. She values compassionate care through human connection and believes that the work that she does is an expression of gratitude for Allah the Majestic One. She’s blessed with family members who know and support her well: her husband, two sons and a daughter-in-law. 

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