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Hajj: Spiritual Lessons for a Lifetime


High School- 6:30PM-7:30PM PST

College & Professionals-  8:45PM-9:45PM PST 

There is a miraculous wisdom behind Hajj being the 5th Pillar of Islam, yet it is not an easy feat that just anyone can do on any day.  It requires  much planning, preparation, and self-reflection on proclaiming one's faith anew.  

Students will discover the spiritual intricacies of Hajj that Allah swt has ordained for all of us in order to enrich and nourish our souls to prepare us for the greatest reality of our lives: The day of Judgement.  In this program, we will cover each part of Hajj and how we can appreciate Hajj every year and feel nearer to Allah swt.  

Instructor:  Shaykh Alauddin Elbakri

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