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Aljazari Robotics

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Let's get super powered!

Aljazari Robotics provides a foundation in robotics and programming skills for young students. The lab aims to continue year-round, progressing students to more advanced robotics and programming skills.  Students will also be prepared to enter contests both state and nationwide. 

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Welcome to the world of robots, young engineers!​

In this camp, you will get to build and program your very own robots using Lego kits.

We will work on challenges inspired by the FIRST LEGO League Explore program. Learn valuable skills including problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity, all while building friendships and creating memories.

Program Description:

Program Layout:

  • Ages 7-10

  • 24 Students, 6 Teams

  • A robotic kit for each team

  • 3 hour sessions, 9AM-12PM on Sundays 

  • Parent volunteering is required for 3 out of 8 sessions. 

  • July 2nd is off for holidays

  • Location: MCA Mariam Hall

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Program Schedule:

Build robots, watch them move and spin at your command!

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Program Developers:

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Session 1 Class Inspiration:

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