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Being there for you when you need us


In our effort to support the health of the Muslim community, Tawasaw has a referral system in partnership with Doctors, Professional Therapists, Imams, and Islamic Counseling institutions to tackle various spiritual needs.

New Muslims

At Tawasaw we do our best to provide information about Islam and facilitate education for people interested in learning about the faith. We also facilitate Shahada (Proclamation of Faith) to help anyone become Muslim, but more importantly, we follow-up with support, resources, and help.


Patient Support

If you or someone in your family got diagnosed with cancer or a major illness, we are here to provide spiritual support for you.The Tawasaw Patient Support team understands the heavy emotional toll that major illness can have on a family and we approach the subject with respectful sensitivity and heartfelt compassion


Dua Request

When you request a dua, the message gets passed on to our Imams and Khateebs who makedua for you during Friday prayers. In this way, large numbers of people participate in your Duarequest by joining the “Ameen”. You can choose to have your Dua request anonymous or benamed.

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