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Translation of Reflections on the Quran

This text was originally written by Shaykh Abu Al-Hasan Al-Nadawi, a scholar who has written many books on the core values that the average Muslim can benefit from. For the first time ever, this book has been translated to english by our publishing house and overlooked as well as forwarded by Shaykh Elbakri. It is a rare opportunity to get the perspective of great scholars in english.

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Translation of The Etiquette of Dialogue and Debate

In this book, The Etiquette of Dialogue and Debate, ʿAbd Allah al-ʿAqīl offers a brilliant expose of the Islamic manners of verbal exchange. He delves deep into the conditional legitimacy of debates and their place in the Islamic tradition, the manners of engaging in debates, the purpose of rhetorical conversations, the spirit that guides them, the dos and don’ts of debates, and the rights and responsibilities of those who engage in debates. The author seamlessly combines the Islamic sources from which his opinions on the matter are derived, with ancient and modern perspectives on the subject matter in a manner that makes the book both accessible and instructive.

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