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Counseling Services

Something for Everyone...

In our effort to support every individual in a Muslim community, Tawasaw has a referral system in partnership with Doctors, Professional Therapists, Imams, and Islamic Counseling institutions to tackle various spiritual needs.


  • Faith or Identity crisis
    • Doubts about Allah or Islam

    • Identity confusion or loss

    • Spiritual Depression

  • Youth Spiritual Counseling
    • Ages 12 + (Parental permission required to book a session)

    • Youth faith or identity crisis

    • Behavioral Issues such as rebellious or erratic behavior

  • Loss of Life of a loved one or a child
    • For family and individuals who have just lost a loved one or a child


  • Parent/Child Counseling
    • Helping Children and Parents reconnect and understand each other


  • Marital Counseling
    • Individual Spouse counseling

    • Couples Counseling

  • Professional/Work related issues
    • Questions on practicing faith in the workplace

Professional Psychiatric Referral


The spiritual counseling provided by Imams and Islamic counselors is not a replacement for professional psychiatric help. If individuals require professional psychiatric help or therapy, we can refer them to our circle of professional providers. 

Let’s Work Together

 Fill the form below to tell us a little more about your issue, then a Tawasaw team member will contact you to schedule a counseling session with one of our advisors.  Please briefly describe your concerns.  We will respond back to you and schedule a consultation with you. 

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