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Tawasaw has now officially published it's very first text, an official translation of "Reflections on the Quran". by Shaykh Abu Al-Hasan Al-Nadwi, translated by Zaid Yousef.  

The book can be purchased on amazon by clicking the following link: 

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"I pray to Allah that this book will reignite the love of the Qur’an in the heart of the reader, as every Muslim is required to reflect and ponder upon the Qur’an and to take the meanings of the Qur’an and turn them into practice and action and a way of life. Allah called the Qur’an baṣāʾir, meaning an eye-opener, and He said it in the plural form to emphasize that it will open your eyes to numerous matters that you would otherwise never see.


The Qur’an is something a Muslim interacts with every day in every prayer. Every Muslim memorizes some portion of the Qur’an and recites it every day. Our goal and purpose in life are to turn this recitation and understanding into action. Allah willing, this book will widen your scope and add to the marvels of understanding the Qur’an from a different perspective."

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We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur'an although you were, before it, among the unaware.

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